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    Empowering passionate individuals to create their most authentic life through connection and transformational experiences.

  • Who's That Girl?

    What's up Beautiful Souls?! My name is Kelley and I am the founder of Kelley Snyder International, a company that inspires dreamers of all kinds to create their most passionate life through connection and transformation. With over 10 years of experience in inspirational coaching and teaching different embodiment styles, I am especially drawn to the healing aspect of yoga and its ability to greatly shift perspectives. As an energy healer and movement enthusiast, you can find me exploring new and interesting ways to connect the mind, body, and soul. I infuse my fun-loving personality and intuitive nature into my sessions so that every amazing person I work with gets to experience the expansiveness of who they truly are. I am excited to share my unique style and knowledge with you, so you can start living your BEST life!

  • Let's Work Together!

    Because every person is unique in their needs and desires, I offer many customized opportunities to enhance your human experience.

    Personal Sessions

    For the Seeker of Transformation

    In a one on one session we will explore together the aspects of your life that are preventing you from living with purpose and passion. Once we discover the block, I will formulate a specialized program specific to you to get you back on track to pursuing the most magnificent version of your life possible! This may include a little bit of yoga, reiki, massage, meditation, dance, and intuitive readings.

    Group Classes

    For the Mind, Body, and Soul Connectors

    I think movement is the best medicine. Dance was my first passion, and so spreading the love of modern, tribal dance and dancehall brings me so much joy! Yoga has become my specialized focus, and I am trained mostly in Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha, and Yoga Nidra. Bringing together breath, meditation, and mindful movement is the secret ingredient to success.

    Educational Workshops

    For the Ones Who Want to Dive Deep

    Taking advantage of the opportunity to learn at a more accelerated level is essential in personal growth. In my workshops we will break down important ideas into digestible parts so that it not only makes sense, but also makes it simple to implement these new concepts into your everyday life.

    Private Events

    For the Ones Looking Out for Their Team

    Whether it is an end of the season football banquet or a corporate wellness day at your office, everyone can benefit from transformational services. I can come to your event and bring all the magic it needs to be impactful, successful and also a lot of fun!

  • Where to Find Me

    Take advantage of these upcoming opportunities!

    San Diego

    CorePower Yoga & Sojourn

    I'M BACK HOME IN SD fam! Follow me on IG to see both my permanent schedule & other opportunities-- workshops, classes I sub, etc! @kelleysnyder_yoga

  • What People Are Saying

    Kelley Snyder is a skillful Yoga Instructor and Workshop Facilitator with a deeply intuitive approach to guiding students through yoga and meditation classes. Her enthusiasm and heart-centered teaching methods attract a large following. Kelley also proved herself to be an asset to our collective in that she consistently developed and nurtured relationships with our members; assisting them with their goals on and off of their mats. She is genuine, dependable, friendly, and would be an incredible asset anywhere she goes."

    - Whitney Yarnall, Owner Sojourn Healing Collective

    "Kelley worked for us as an in-house yoga instructor for our travel company as we traveled around California on one of our group trips and it would not have been the same without her. I can confidently say that you will not easily find another person like Kelley. She radiates happiness and light into everyone’s lives that she touches. She is very intuitive and confident, which shines through in her yoga and transformative sessions. I have taken many yoga and fitness classes and Kelley’s are very unique in that it is not just about posing for an hour but about taking the practice of yoga out of the studio and into your everyday life. As a friend, Kelley never fails to show up whether its menial tasks or making your own dreams come true."

    - Samantha Boroff, Co-Founder The Manini Experience


    "Kelley's energy is infectious. Her ability to connect her voice, body, intention and attention to her students is felt right away. She is bright, deep and thorough. I completely trust her to guide and lead while on and off the mat. She also engages students before and after class with ease. She is definitely a positive addition to anyone's community."

    - Celeste Cruz, Owner Fierce Wellness and Hot Yoga

    "I’ve had the pleasure of attending Kelley’s advanced yoga class at Corepower Yoga Pacific Beach, on multiple occasions. Every damn time - she has not only been the brightest light (even at the beach) but one of the most amazing, in-tune, enlightening and inspiring teachers I’ve had. She simply “exudes” peace and love. From her smile to her super bendy yoga feet. I can only imagine how rad her private classes would be."

    -Jay Ojeda, Co-Founder Undertones Podcast

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